The Forte Group is a dynamic network of healthcare facilities specializing in physiotherapy and rehabilitation  for adults and children, sports traumatology, scoliosis and spinal pathologies, musculoskeletal pain therapy and management.

It represents a continuously evolving leader in healthcare, setting true standards of excellence.

With a strong focus on personal care and continuous investment in cutting-edge technologies the Forte Group has become the reference point in the Salerno area for physiotherapy, rehabilitation, and sports medicine.

The staff, coordinated by medical specialists, utilizes the latest and most innovative therapeutic, manual, and instrumental technologies to develop effective, personalized rehabilitation plans for pain. 

The Forte Group also engages in extensive scientific research and training activities in collaboration with external professionals and research institutes. 

Forte Group




Scoliosis Center

Specialist consultations for kypho-scoliosis diagnosis, corrective and postural gymnastics, and 3D spinal analysis – 3D spine scans, corrective gymnastics.

Manual Therapy

Therapeutic massage, sports massage, lymphatic drainage massage, functional bandaging, osteopathic techniques, strain-counterstrain, neurodynamics, Maitland, pompage.

Oncological rehabilitation

Physiotherapy intervention in oncology, Post-surgery respiratory rehabilitation, Motor rehabilitation, Post-mastectomy physiotherapy exercises, Physiotherapy for lymphedema, Additional rehabilitation, Rehabilitation for spinal tumors, .Psycho-oncological rehabilitation.

Specialist medical visits

Physiatry, Orthopedics and Traumatology, Phoniatrics, Child Neuropsychiatry, Urology, Sports Medicine.

Functional evaluation test

Isokinetic test, Static and dynamic baropodometric examination, Gait analysis, Aerobic and anaerobic threshold test, Strength test with optojump, Anthropometric tests with ideal weight calculation.

Instrumental physiotherapy

TECAR, Compex muscle electrostimulation 

Interventional physiatry

Joint infiltrations with hyaluronic acid, Infiltrations with PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma), Ultrasound-guided hip infiltrations, Ozone therapy,  Mesotherapy, Dry needling,Ultrasound -guided percutaneous shoulder calcification treatment, Ultrasound-guided minimally invasive treatment for adhesive capsulitis.

Sports rehabilitation and return to sport

Baropodometric Analysis,

Recovery of injured athletes, 3D Spines, Sports Massage, Functional Bandaging, Taping, Medical Fitness, Corrective Gymnastics, Orthopedic Functional Re-education, Tecar therapy, Laser Therapy, Shock Waves, Electrotherapy, Cryoultrasound, Isokinetic Reeducation.

Orthopedic rehabilitation

Orthopedic functional re-education, Recovery of the injured athlete, Knee, hip and shoulder prosthesis, Postural re-education, Pain management, Kinesitherapy (movement therapy), Ambulatory training, Electrotherapy, Massage therapy, Lymphatic drainage, Occupational therapy, Ergo therapy, Mezieres postural re-education, Outpatient treatment.

Lymphological drainage rehabilitation

Physiatric visit, Diagnosis, Individual treatment plan, Lymphatic drainage, District reflexology massage therapy, Lymphological bandaging, Postural re-education, Behavioral therapy, Complementary therapies.

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CE.FI.SA. srl
Salerno centro

Via R. De Martino, 4
84124 Salerno (SA)
tel.: 089 237492
tel.: 089 255038
mobile: 331 1878785

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I.R.F.R.I. srl
Valle dell’Irno – Pellezzano

Via Ferrovia, 1
84080 Coperchia, Pellezzano (SA)
tel./fax: 089 566389
tel. 089 796976

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I.R.F.R.I. srl – FKT
Sede Arbostella – Salerno

Viale R. Wagner, 1/G
84131 Parco Arbostella lotto 5 (SA)
tel.: 089 825215
fax 089 332324
mobile: 351 2396907

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